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Wet jeans ass


Sexy dark-haired jeans girl Alina loves to be in her bathroom. Today you are allowed to watch how she goes into the shower with her sexy jeans! She feels the water through the denim on her skin! She makes her jeans all wet and stretches her sexy ass in your direction. Well - how do you like it when the water makes the denim stick on her ass!

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Blonde girl with wet jeans


In her bathroom sexy Rianna wants to take a bath! She cannot wait to get into the bath, so she doesn’t take off her clothes at all, but goes into the tub the way she is, with her light blue jeans! The water rises up her jeans legs and then she slowly slides completely into the tub! She loves this wet denim feeling – it’s making her horny! So that her top doesn’t get wet as well she pulls it up and you can now admire her hot tits as well. The water is forming bubbles around her jeans!

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Sexy Maya in the tub


Maya has water running in her bathtub, because she wants to take a bath! She feels the water temperature with her toes and sits poised on the rim! Then she can't wait any longer, she wants to get in the tub, but the water is a little hot! Her jeans are soon full of water and she stretches her hot wet jeans ass in your direction!

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The jet of water between her legs


Sexy Lara is standing in the tub today, wearing faded jeans! She wants to feel this wet denim feeling on her skin, so she turns on the water and lets it run over her sexy jeans legs and of course she loves it when the denim is slowly sticking to her ass! You like to watch how her jeans are getting stained darker and darker, right? She loves to feel the jet of water between her legs!

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Punk girl in wet jeans

Kira R

Today, Kira R wants to try something new! The sexy punk girl is wearing a striped top and her favorite jeans! She climbs in the bathtub and turns on the water! Today she will take a shower wearing her jeans because she wants to feel the wet denim on her naked skin – this is making her horny! She loves it when the water is running down her jeans legs! And even more she loves it when her jeans pussy is slowly getting wet as well. Well, do you like the wet jeans punk Girl?

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