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The wet jeans on her ass


Alicea shows you her sexy light blue jeans ass. She can’t wait to get into the tub and give her jeans a shower! The water is running over her feet, crawling up her jeans legs, and finally reaches her jeans ass! Now the whole jeans are wet - and then she poses, stretching her wet jeans ass in your direction! Alicea looks really cool and sexy in wet jeans!

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Veronika's jeans shower


Jeans girl Veronika's posing in the bathroom for you! She gets into the bath tub and rubs her jeans pussy on the edge! The water's already running and so she can pour it over her sexy jeans legs right away! Of course you're allowed to watch her all the time and get very close to her wet jeans! This sexy jeans girl knows that you're watching her closely and she enjoys turning you on using her wet jeans!

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Adore Olesya and her wet jeans


Olesya's wearing her jeans leggings today. She notices you watching her pretty quickly and then gets into the bath tub! This redhead isn't going slow - she immediately turns on the water and soaks her jeans. Watch as her jeans gets darker under the stream and watch even more closely as she wets her sexy jeans ass! She smiles at you the whole time - as she knows exactly how much her wet jeans turns you on. Come a little close, you're getting first row seats here!

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With Victoria in the shower


Victoria is standing in the bathroom and decides to have a shower! But she doesn't want to take off her jeans! She turns on the water and tests for the temperature - first only with her feet - then with her jeans legs! She wets herself and puts the shower head back in the mount - then sticks her butt right into the stream! Victoria loves to feel her wet jeans all over her skin! She gets into the tub and spreads the water all over her hot jeans.

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Amber takes a bath in jeans


The red haired Amber already draw a bath in her tub. She tries to find out the temperature with her feet. Next she steps into the bathtub - still wearing her tight jeans! She wants to take a bath and sits down with her jeans in the already water filled tub! She wants to turn you on and tease you so she presents you her sexy wet jeans butt! She dabbles in the water and enjoys the wet jeans on her skin! Again and again she makes her jeans even more wet!

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