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Satisfied with the shower head


Sexy jeans girl Candy Alexa is sitting in her bathroom, at the edge of the bathtub. At first she shows you a few dry runs, showing you how she rubs her jeans with the shower head. Then she can't wait any longer and turns on the water. Her jeans are getting wetter and wetter! She sits down in the tub, masturbating with the shower head. She simply loves to feel the jet of water against her jeans pussy!

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Malika is making you horny with her wet jeans ass


Today Malika is undressing in the bathroom, because she wants to take a shower. Then she realizes that you are watching her. And so she keeps on her jeans, getting in the shower with them! She wants to make you horny, and she knows that you simply love a hot jeans ass! Then you are allowed to admire her beautiful tits and watch her jeans get wet all over. Yes, you are getting hornier all the time, right? And then she is even rubbing her hot wet pussy!

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Water jet against her jeans


Summer is posing for you, in her bathroom. She is climbing into the bathtub - with her jeans still on! She is beginning to make her jeans wet with the spray coming out of the shower head. Her jeans are getting darker all the time, and then she is sitting down on the rim of the bathtub so that you can watch her even better. You simply can't wait until she is standing up again, showing you how the water is running over her smoking hot jeans ass, right?

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Completely new jeans feeling in wet jeans


In her bathroom Katrinusic wants to try something completely new today. Many of her girlfriends have already told her that it is a terrific feeling to wear wet jeans. In the shower she quickly checks the temperature of the water, and then the game begins. And it's true - it is a fantastic feeling! She sits down on the rim, letting the water run over her jeans. It takes her breath away how good this feels!

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In front of the mirror in wet jeans


Jalace plans to get her bubble butt wet today. The best place to do this is, of course, the bathtub. The warm water is touching her feet, crawling up her jeans legs. Her jeans are beginning to glisten wetly, and slowly the water spreads over her jeans, getting everywhere. She especially likes the wet feeling on her sexy ass. Then she looks into the mirror and watches herself, checking her hot wet jeans.

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