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Hot dark wet shiny jeans


Olga's combing her hair in the bathroom and makes a ponytail. She shows you the hot dark-blue jeans she's wearing today. Then she gets into the bathtub and uses the shower head to wet her jeans. Every wet spot gets shiny on her jeans and it looks totally hot from below. You get to see her wet jeans very up close! That's hottie Olga right here!

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Sexy blonde in wet jeans


Alice's heading for the bathroom. She's wearing a dark-blue jeans and a red shirt. She gets into the bathtub and turns on the water. The first spurt of water already runs down her legs and then she turns on the shower head. She adjusts the temperature and once it's warm enough she starts to wet her jeans. In the end her jeans are soaked with water and she just enjoys feeling it.

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Wet Jeans Girl Valery


Valery's looking great on the edge of the bathtub and lolls on it - just for you! Over and over again she squats and sticks her tasty jeans ass into your direction. She touches her jeans pussy and really gets into it. Then she gets into the tub and turns on the water. After testing the water's temperature she starts pouring it over her jeans until her legs are completely wet. She also wets her ass and when she finally turns off the water she's just feeling sexy in her tight wet jeans.

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Roxys jeans becomes sheer


Roxy's wearing her white 3/4 jeans and turns around in the shower so you can see it from all sides. She's wearing a see-through top so you can see her nipples too! I bet you can't wait for her to start showering. She takes the shower head and a little bit of cold water runs over her jeans. Under the water her jeans becomes sheer and Roxy allows you to take a close look. Her shirt is completely wet now too and the sheer fabric sticks to her body. Roxy's a really hot Jeans-get-wet girl!

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Sexy Jeans-get-wet girl Nomy


This hot jeans girl's wearing her favourite blue jeans and a sexy orange shirt that shows her tummy. She shows her jeans to its best advantage and shakes her booty in front of your eyes. In the shower she first tests the water temperature and then pours the water over her jeans. She sits in the shower with her legs spread and enjoys the water stream on her trousers. Of course she also wets the front and back of her jeans - such a hot feeling! This blonde enjoys the shower.

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