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Daniella showers in her jeans


Today Daniella wants to shower - but she doesn't like to take off her cloths before! Therefore she just enters the bathtub, still wearing her dark blue jeans and her yellow top! She turns the water on and let if flow right above her jeans legs. The sexy blonde girl exactly knows that you are watching her. The water turns her jeans even darker and the jeans fabric sticks tight at her skin!

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Sexy Anabelle takes a jeans-shower


Today Anabelle's going to take a shower while she's wearing her light blue and tattered jeans! She turns the water-tap on, so that the water runs down her tasty legs in jeans immediately! And you are the lucky one who may watch her. She sticks her hot butt towards you and enjoys the water jet between her legs! Salute her jeans for glueing on her skin so sexy!

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She makes her jeans wet

Mary Dee

Mary Dee is in the bathroom, wearing her dark blue jeans and a belly top! Right in front of you she climbs into the bath tub while you can see the water running down her jeans legs! The jeans fabric soaks the water quickly, and also Mary Dee's jeansass gets really wet quickly! She loves the touch of wet jeans on her skin.

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Sexy shower session with Olivia


Sexy Olivia stands topless in her bathroom and only wears her blue jeans! She enters the shower and turns on the water! With the head of the shower she spreads the water all over her jeans very fast until they turn darker and darker! She enjoys the feeling of the water soaked jeans at her skin and exactly knows that you are watching her! Enjoy the possibility to glance at her awesome jeans ass and her wet jeans pussy!

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Wet jeans shower with Katy


Sexy Katy wears her bright blue jeans today. She wants to enter the shower while still wearing her jeans! She doesn't like to take them off and so she just makes them completely wet! That comes in very handy because this way not only her body becomes clean... her jeans are also washed! The legs of her jeans are soaked with water and her sexy butt is also already wet! The wet jeans fabric sticks at her body - and you are allowed to adore her jeans from lot of different angles...!

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