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Shiny hot wet jeans ass


Victory lolls in front of the shower in her dark-blue jeans. She sticks her ass out into your direction in front of the sauna and poses on the toilet. She loves to feel the jeans fabric and caresses her jeans again and again. She waits for the water to get a little warmer and as the water hits her jeans it gets even more dark. Her jeans ass is shiny now as her jeans is completely wetted and the fabric is tight on her legs. You can watch Victory until she closes the shower door!

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Kittys wet yellow jeans


Sexy Kitty's wearing her hot yellow jeans that really comforts her ass. And of course she always loves to stick it into your direction. She just loves this jeans and caresses the jeans fabric. Then she gets into the shower and enjoys the water flowing all over her body. Her white shirt is wetted immediately and her yellow jeans is soaking wet too soon after. She loves the feeling of wet jeans fabric and continues to pour water over her jeans.

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Angelinas wet jeans


Sexy jeans girl Angelina's wearing her hot tight grey jeans today. You can adore her jeans from every angle as she gets into the shower in her jeans and a white shirt. Then she enjoys showering her jeans and even lifts her shirt so you can see her sexy boobs. As her whole body gets wet you can see her nipples shining through the white shirt. She loves to feel her wet jeans and touches her jeans pussy.

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Yana turns you on


Yana is a feisty crazy jeans girl. This redhead lolls in front of you in the shower cabin and shows you her jeans from every angle. She can't wait any longer to feel her jeans wet on her skin and pours more and more water over her jeans legs. Her jeans is completely wet immediately and she caresses her wet jeans legs with her hand. Does that turn you on?

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Young Jeansgirl Diana


Diana is a young jeans girl and loves to show her tight jeans to others. You can see her hot jeans ass when she gets into the shower and pours the water over her body. She loves the feeling of her jeans skin pressing on her body. She touches her jeans pussy and enjoys her time in the shower - and you'll enjoy it too!

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