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Sveta's hot shower


Sexy girl Sveta shows off her hot jeans ass, stretching it towards you when she stands in front of the shower. Then she lets the water run over her dark jeans. Watch the water run over her jeans. Wicked Sveta loves to feel the wet denim against her naked skin. And she loves to let the stream gush against her pussy. You would love to go take a shower with her, wouldn't you?

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Getting into the sea with her jeans


Nikky walks along the sea with her hot jeans and her bikini top. She is running along the shingles at the beach and her feet are already in the water. Her jeans is getting slowly wet. Then she is sitting down in the cold and fresh sea water, and her jeans are getting wet all over! She kneels down in the sea, showing you her hot jeans legs. She enjoys this refreshing experience in the sea, and she enjoys even more doing it while still wearing her jeans. You are allowed to come near her - and she is even making you wet as well!

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Ellis' hot water games


Ellis is in a bathroom with a mirrored wall. At first she takes a good look at herself in the mirror. What a hot jeans ass! She admires herself. The shower cabin has walls made of glass, and so you can keep on watching her when she steps into the shower. Her jeans legs are getting wet immediately and the water is pouring down her legs. What a lustful feeling! Then she lets the spray from the shower head run over her ass slowly, rubbing over her hot jeans ass and her legs all the time. Afterwards she even opens her jeans, letting the water run down inside. She spoils her jeans pussy as well with the hard jet of water.

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Natali's wicked jeans feeling


Natali is sitting in her bathroom, watching herself in the mirror. She is only wearing the top of her bikini and dark jeans. Then she shows you the shower head. What does she want with it now? She wants to take a shower and her jeans will turn wet all over! She loves the feeling of the wet denim sticking to her skin. Her jeans are beginning to shimmer. At her ass the wet denim is sticking to the curves of her body as well. You are allowed to watch when the denim is wetly molded to her body.

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Liona's hot wet jeans ass


Today Liona is wearing her tight light blue jeans and wants to step into the shower with the jeans! In the bathroom she once again admires her perfect body and then the show begins. In the shower she turns on the water, making it run over her jeans legs. In her jeans are lots of holes, and so she can feel the water against her naked skin as well. Then she is sitting down in the shower, enjoying the water running along her legs and over her jeans pussy. Watch her!

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