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Gretta's jeans


Gretta is wearing a dark jeans, letting the water run along her jeans legs. Her ass as well is getting wetter all the time. When her jeans are completely wet she grabs the soap, rubbing it over the wet denim. The soap is starting to foam and her jeans are taking on a white color all of a sudden in some places. Then she sprays down her jeans, spraying the foam away. That way, she doesn't even have to wash her jeans! And through the shower curtain you are allowed to admire her hot wet jeans ass for the last time!

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Sexy Dizzy in the tub


Dizzy is a naughty jeans girl. She has dark hair with red streaks, and she is wearing hot tight jeans and a bra in black and red. Now she gets into the bathtub, with water in the tub already. Her jeans legs are getting wet immediately, and then she is kneeling down in the water! With this, she is stretching her ass in your direction. Dizzy loves to lie in the tub with her jeans. Then she gets up again, letting the spray from the shower head run over her legs. Then she pulls the shower curtain shut. You have seen enough!

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Skin-tight wet jeans


Alena cuts an incredibly sexy figure in her new jeans which she is showing off to you in her bathroom! She climbs into the bathtub, knowing exactly what she's up to! She quickly turns on the water, impatient to fell the water run down her jeans legs, making her jeans wet all over! Alena loves the sticky jeans feeling of the denim on her bare skin! Now the tight jeans are a perfect fit!

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Mary's wet jeans adventure


Mary is wearing her smoking hot jeans leggings today and wants to try something new! She gets comfortable at the edge of the bath tub before she climbs into the tub! Mary wants to take a shower, but a shower with her clothes still on! First, the water is still a bit chilly, but then it warms up and she lets the water run all over the leggings. The jeans soak the water up immediately, getting all heavy and shiny. Her jeans ass is wet now and enjoys this new hot, wet jeans feeling.

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Horny water games in the tub


Melena has already filled the bathtub with warm water! She admires herself in the mirror and then gets into the tub with her feet. In the mirror beside the tub she can admire herself from all sides! She turns on the water again and the drops of water make her jeans wet. The denim fabric clings to her skin. Melena shows you exactly where she lets the water run down! Well, at this moment you are feverishly wishing to be a drop of water, sliding along her jeans ass, her jeans pussy, her jeans legs! In the hot tub everything gets ever hotter when she enjoys the bubbling water all around her.

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