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Hot wet jeans dance


Hot Lisa is wearing her tight white jeans and her purple bra. She is standing in the shower, letting the water pour over her wicked jeans. She loves to feel the wet jeans fabric against her naked skin. She is pulling up the jeans again and again so that the cloth is clinging to her thighs. You are allowed to get near her; near enough to be sprinkled with small drops of water. This wicked blonde girl is dancing for you under the shower, while the water is running down her jeans legs.

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Hot wet jeans girl


Sexy jeans girl Lara today is showing off her hot pale blue jeans hot pants. She is standing in front of the mirror in her bathroom, combing her hair. Then she is stretching out her hot jeans ass in your direction. She is playing with the hose of the shower, looking at you seductively. Then she turns on the water, letting it flow over her jeans, at the front. Quickly her jeans are showing a dark wet stain. Then she is pouring water over her hot jeans ass. With her hands she is stroking her jeans pussy. Lara is a wicked wet jeans girl; and she's horny!

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Alexandras first shower in jeans


Alexandra gets on her knees in front of the bathtub. She sticks her sexy jeans ass in tight light-blue jeans right into your direction. Then she gets into the tub and starts pouring water over her jeans legs. She enjoys to feel the hard stream of water in front of her pussy. The jeans fabric sticks to her skin and her ass is completely wet too by now. This sexy girl just can't get enough of showering herself.

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Hot wet jeans feeling


Blonde Viki's wearing her hot wrecked jeans today and wants to show it to you. She jumps into the bathtub as she wants to feel the wet jeans fabric on her skin. She doesn't think another second but uses the shower head to soak her jeans. The jeans gets sticky on her skin and Viki starts moving to feel the jeans even more intense.

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Angelas wet jeans


Jeans girl Angela's getting comfy on the washing machine before she gets into the bathtub and turns on the shower head. It takes some time before she adjusted the temperature but she already gets a few drops of water on her skin and her light-blue jeans. Then she's pointing the water stream directly on her jeans and the jeans is slowly soaking with water. She takes her time and enjoys every second of it. She also lifts her shirt so you get a good sight at her jeans ass. Angela's wet jeans is really sexy.

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